DENNIS WIND - Jail on Wheels

DENNIS WIND - Jail on Wheels
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  • Item #: 500-038
Project Name: Jail on Wheels
Artist/Designer: Dennis Wind
Affiliation: Model Railroad Designer - Member-Florida and


This is an LGB car refitted into a jail on wheels.  The Jail Car features Bars on all windows and doors, barred partition between the male and female 'cells', a wood burning stove, and bunk beds (made from one doll house bed) and People Scale prisoners in jumpsuits at the doors. The male cell has an original Lombard Police emblem.  The Female cell has an original Lombard Police and Du Page Sheriff emblem. The station (called Solar City) is a POLA structure and is outside in a permanent setting in the layout. The reason it is called Solar City... All of the buildings have been converted to solar lighting, saving the hassle and expense of running electricity underground.  A great example of designing "green" rails.


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