David Mobley - David Mobley Architectural Models

David Mobley - David Mobley Architectural Models
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  • Item #: 500-048
Project: Multiple
Designer/Artist: David Mobley of David Mobley Architectural Models
Affiliation: None

A description from the designer:

"All models are made of hand-cut, assembled and airbrushed styrene and polycarbonate sheet.  A simple, customized machine tool accurately carves my polyurethane foam base topos, Olfa box-cutters are used to score and cut sheet plastics and trees are represented in copper speaker wire and crushed, colored foam."

David Mobley is a California architect, industrial designer and model craftsman since 1980, he builds presentation replicas for Southern California's institutional, commercial, scientific and construction industries.

Sample Images are: #1, Naughty Monkey prototype retail space, 1/2" scale, for MAKE Architecture, Inc.; #2, Valley View Casino Hotel Tower Addition, 1"=20' scale, for JMA Architecture; #3, Valley View Casino Tower Addition Lobby model, 1/2" scale, for JMA Architecture; #4, Whittier College Pool Complex, 1/16" scale, for PJHM Architects; #5, San Diego County Conference Center, 1/16" scale, for RJC Architects.

To view more samples of work or contact the designer directly click the link to visit the website below:


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