Evan Mann - a modest materialization of the human duality

Evan Mann - a modest materialization of the human duality
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Project Name: a modest materialization of the human duality
Artist/Designer: Evan Mann
Affiliation: Exhibition for Urban Institute of Contemporary Art (UICA)
Whatever it is that looks out our eyeballs and generates our personality is an important aspect of who we are as people, but this immaterial being that dwells within our body can be difficult to comprehend; it requires faith to acknowledge something that lacks concrete evidence. While the human spirit cannot be seen, it can be experienced through relationships and sentience, or self-awareness. Similar to love, the significance of this invisible, yet powerful, force cannot be overlooked.
This sculpture attempts to tangibly represent this unseen mystery by placing the physical body and the invisible inner being in a shared space.  I believe this to be a humble juxtaposition; perhaps even the volume of the universe would not suffice to contain the significance of the human soul. Regardless of the scale, I hope to generate a discussion that questions our self-perception, especially in light of the temporal and fleeting world we inhabit.

Please checkout Evan's website to view his other phenomenal works and to see where some of his upcoming shows will be:




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