GREG SCHMIDT - Auction Cars

GREG SCHMIDT - Auction Cars
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  • Item #: 500-037
Project Name: Auction Cars
Artist/Designer: Greg Schmidt (and his fellow car club members)
Affiliation: Model Car Club

The figures were used on a diorama that a model car club built for a club display at a model car contest in Milwaukee, WI... They have been entering a club display for the past 14 years at this show, and always try to tie the display (diorama) into the theme for the show that year. This year's theme was "Auction Cars", so they built a "Barrett-Jackson' type auction scene that featured model cars that never were actual cars being auctioned off.  They are a group of 6 model car builders, who enjoy this aspect of the hobby, and have proudly won the "Best Club Display" 13 out of the 14 years they have been building dioramas.  Nice work!

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