Jerry Kelley - Hoosac Tunnel Central Shaft Project

Jerry Kelley - Hoosac Tunnel Central Shaft Project
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Project: Hoosac Tunnel Central Shaft Project
Designer/Artist: Jerry Kelley
Affiliation: None

A description from the designer:

This model tells the story of the early efforts used in drilling the 4 3/4 mile long Hoosac Tunnel in Northwestern Massachusetts.
The methods range from handheld drill bits driven by sledge hammers to the later used Burleigh Drill powered by compressed air.  The wooden carriages were moved before the blast and primitive carts were used to move the newly blasted rock to the 1028 foot central shaft to be hauled to the surface by elevator.  This 24 year long tunneling effort started with the use of black powder and goose quill fuses to the use of tri-nitroglycerin and electric exploders to remove the nearly 2,000,000 tons of rock.  The tunnel was dug from six headings and when finished, the error of closure was only 9/16" of an inch in 4 3/4 miles!
To find out more information about the designer and his remarkable research / dedication to the Hoosac Tunnel in northwestern Massachusetts, check out his website below:

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