Kara Biczykowski - Always 'Sunnyside Up' In St Croix

Kara Biczykowski - Always 'Sunnyside Up' In St Croix
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Project: Always 'Sunnyside Up' In St Croix
Designer/Artist: Kara Biczykowski 
Affiliation: Ohio State University - School of Architecture

A description from the artist/designer: The site is based in St Croix and calls for a marine biology research center with other various program including housing and community space. Directly across the island sits a power plant. The idea for the complex drew on the concept of the "factory" in correlation with "field conditions." Looking at the negative connotations associated with power plants and reworking them into what could be positive uses for a new type of program became the basis. By hiding a power plant under the earth in a field of "air pockets," which took on the shape of eggs, the facility was able to blend in as the landscape "unrolled" on top of the site. The harmful plant exposes itself while the healthy plant disappears. The four cones act as the control stations for the surrounding satellite buildings which hold various program and the outlying field conditions. For example one center cleans water of algea and collects it to produce energy to power the complex. Meanwhile the field condition grows more algae for an ongoing cycle. Each center involves algae, one makes ice cream for the residents (as it is found in your ice cream), one is good for soil fertilization, so farming for the island is possible, and one becomes public baths of algae and fresh water since it is good for the skin.

Kara used 1/50" = 1'-0" (1:600) metal scale figures to give you an idea of what the scale of the site itself is...these figures are super tiny, just small slivers of metal.

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