Michael Berns - Library Design at the UIC

Michael Berns - Library Design at the UIC
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Project: Library at the UIC
Designer/Artist: Michael R. Berns, II
Affiliation: University of Illinois - Chicago, School of Architecture

Description from the Designer:

This project is driven by circulation and public space which carves away from the cube, giving the building its form. This Public space is meant to be an interiorized exterior space.

This lead me to look into the blurring of interior and exterior and
further the blurring of positive and negative. This idea of blurring the positive and negative, pushed me to look into the work of Rachel Whiteread. I was especially interested in how she turned ?Negative space? into positive space, and looked to do the same in my project. The negative part of the project which was already hallowed out, was activated by placing all of the circulation and public spaces inside of the ?Negative space.? This then allowed the negative space to become a positive space. I then introduced the super graphics of the arrows which allowed me to destabilize my projects obsession with right angles and rigid geometry. This further reinforced the blurring of the positive and negative, while
inciting movement and strengthen the idea of interior[private] vs


Great work Mike, Thanks!


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