Nikole Cabrera - Waldorf Kindergarten School

Nikole Cabrera - Waldorf Kindergarten School
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Project: Waldorf Kindergarten School
Designer/Artist: Nikole Cabrera
Affiliation: Miami-Dade College - Honors Program
Assigned to students in the architecture program, it was a Design 2 project, where a full model and a sectional detail of a classroom were required.
The focus for the design was this idea of growth inspired by the canopies of trees. So the artist decided to extend the triangular shape from the blades of grass and create the roof structure for the school. In addition, the curvature of the wall was inspired by the immensity of butress roots.
Overall, great detail and the trusses which form to the roof curves create an inspired and artistic language.  Thanks Nikole - nice work!



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