STEVE STIDHAM - [d]evolution

STEVE STIDHAM - [d]evolution
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Project Name: [d]evolution | Reuse Center for Building Supplies
Artist/Designer: Steve Stidham
Affiliation: University of Cincinnati - DAAP Program

[d]evolution | Reuse Center for Building Supplies?
The evolution of manufacturing practices over the last century has led to the creation of excess waste during the production process, depleting resources and overwhelming landfills. Recycling has helped in the reduction of the landfill growth, however, because of its limited scope, it has not been able to offset overall waste buildup. Developing an architecture that accepts waste, as a product will allow for a new retail market to emerge, aiding in the effort of waste control by selling reused items. An architectural structure designed to house many reusable items will reduce the volume of waste arriving in the landfill and instead redirect it to a retail setting. This will allow customers to shop and purchase these items for future applications. Organizing and displaying these objects in a system that suggests possible applications for the building industry will allow for these waste items to be resold for capital. This facility will create the opportunity for public education about reuse and repurposing as well develop an architectural environment giving no connection to socioeconomic class. 
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