Suz Nellis - Zombead Scene I

Suz Nellis - Zombead Scene I
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  • Item #: 500-062
Project: Zombead Scene I
Designer/Artist: Suz Nellis
Affiliation: Flesh-eating zombies and gore
This is a resin-mold of these rabid, flesh-eaters encasulated in a finished locket/pendant.  How awesome is that?

Here is a description of the process from the artist:
Zombead Scene 1 was made using N Scale Painted figures along with real rock for the gravestones, sprigs from a broom for the fence, and Ferido epoxy / molding putty, which was used for landscape material. The Ferido comes in colors but in this case, it was painted. Ferido works well as a one-step method to sculpt in 3-D while securing the elements simultaneously. Unlike Fimo clay, there is no need to bake Ferido so the little people do not melt in the curing process.  The blood squirting from the decapitated victim’s leg (laying left) was achieved using fishing monofilament, which has been painted as well, then glued in place. The various body parts strewn about (on grave stone & in standing zombies grasp) are cut off using a scalpel. I quickly learned that their body parts go flying when cut and unfortunately, lost a few in the process; otherwise the scene would have been more gory.
Who out there doesn't love a great zombie diorama?  Vile, disgusting, and perfect - all-in-one!  Thanks for making it Suz!
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